TREE SPARROW (Passer montanus)

Tree Sparrow by Sandra Palme s

TREE SPARROWS, like HOUSE SPARROWS, have experienced a decline in their population in the last 30 years and are now a red listed, protected species. So for us bird lovers it is action time! Though they are very sensitive to disturbance around the nest site, they do nonetheless take readily to nest boxes. They are very social birds and will nest close to each other. If you are blessed with a number of trees in your garden, then you can place several SPARROW boxes at least 2.5 – 4 meters high on each tree. That way you can breed your own gang of SPARROWS. I say “Gang” as this is the formation in which they visit the Pavilion Bird feeders in my garden!
I would add, as usual, don’t clean the nest box until November because the TREE SPARROW will be busy rearing up to three broods per season.



Small nesting box no. 4
• 24cm in height
• 16cm wide
• 16cm deep
• 28mm entrance hole
• Capacity 6.14 litres