THE WREN (Troglodytidae)

Wren by Sandra PalmeAfter the GOLDCREST and FIRECREST, EUROPES smallest birds, the Wren is our very endearing smallest bird. We felt duty bound to design a particularly small nest box for them. It is a given that larger boxes only creates more unnecessary work in the collection of nesting materials for the adult birds.

These birds will nest at ground level or as high as 5 meters and they like open fronted nest boxes or a hole of 28 to 35 millimetres. Their nests are always well hidden, usually within brambles or thorny bushes. Also they will find well hidden holes in earthen banks so you could dig-in our little WREN nest boxes using a trowel into the earth. Remembering that our boxes never rot! Alternatively you can wedge a box into a thick cluster of bramble or bush.
It is worth bearing in mind that Wrens will use two or three nest boxes to rear up with holes. 40 millimetre chicken wire. WRENS unlike BLUE TITS, do not need a direct flight path to their nest. They are adept at the discrete approach to their well hidden abode.


Small nesting box no. 1
• 13cm in height
• 9cm wide
• 11cm deep
• 28 mm entrance hole
• Capacity 1.28 litres