THE ROBIN (Erithacus rubecula)

Robin by Sandra Palme

Who does not love this man friendly little bird? Historically known as the gardeners’ friend he can be very tame indeed. But not towards other ROBINS encroaching his territory. ROBINS prefer open fronted nest boxes and we have made one tailor-made for them. They notoriously choose well-hidden sites, often in log around a tree or creepers on a wall. Because open fronted nest boxes are vulnerable to predator squirrels, cats and especially Magpies, we are obliged to choose a clever, well-hidden place to fix the nest box. It is irresponsible to tempt a ROBIN to a nest in an easily identifiable nest site.

Therefore, site the new nest box behind lay or virgin creeper or similar and to seal the security of nestlings concerns, surround the whole frontage of the nest box with 40mm chicken wire. The adult ROBINs will be happy to negotiate their passage through the chicken wire but the MAGPIE who is a very clever bird, will be gutted!.

By the way, we supply a piece of chicken wire and fixing staples with each nest box. Another splendidly camouflaged site option which may be available to you is an earthen bank covered by hanging vegetation. Simply, dig out a small hole in the earth, wedge in the ROBIN box and fix the chicken wire around the site, then rearrange the hanging vegetation around it. Remember, GRP nest boxes do not rot so they are impervious to damp earth.


Small nesting box no. 2
• 16cm in height
• 11cm wide
• 11cm deep
• Capacity 2.1 litres