SPOTTED FLYCATCHER (Muscicapa striata)

Spotted Flycatcher by Sandra Palme

Nesting requirements for this bird are somewhat similar to those of the Robin, namely a nest box behind a creeper plant fixed to a wall is ideal for this little fellow. The emphasis is on well-hidden because, again, they prefer the open fronted nest box which is vulnerable to Magpies, cats and squirrels (not to mention Jackdaws, rooks, Jays and Weasels).

Again, like Robins, we supply a piece of 50mm chicken wire and some saddle staples for you to create an extra dome of protection around the nest box to keep out the bad guys!
The nest box should be placed about 3 to 4 meters high on a tree with some overhang on a wall as described. Also notable is the preference of this bird for an open area in front of their nest site so they can see their prey in flight eg. Flies and other airborne insects. Finally I must add that the SPOTTED FLYCATCHER is a RED LISTED protected species and therefore if we are in a position to find a nest site suited for them then let’s do it!


Small nesting box no. 2
• 16cm in height
• 11cm wide
• 11cm deep
• Capacity 2.1 litres