New Installations

May Place Primary School - Bexley Heath, East London

Photograph is taken of three of our four chamber Swift Colony nest boxes, installed one above the other on the new May Place Primary School extension in Bexley Heath, East London. 
Here is an example of our accurate colour matching service which ensures that our nest boxes blend in perfectly with host property.

Here's how it works, the architect (Mrs Sarah Ketch) gives us a ral number, we send a sample GRP matrix in that colour, The architect accepts it (and sometimes) okays it with the local planning authority). We make and deliver the nest boxes.

The builders in this case were Rooffs and the site manager was Jon Taylor who was both very switched on and helpful about several details such as delivery times, and sending this superb photograph, not to mention a thorough installation.They were prompt payers of our invoice and a pleasure to deal with. Actually good teamwork all round.

Mayplace1 Mayplace2

 Niddry Castle in West Lothian, Scotland.

Niddry Castle has a rich history including the hosting of Mary Queen of Scots amongst other notables. Originally built in the 14th century it was by the end of the 16th century left derelict, roofless and forlorn.

Then along comes a young Scotsman of vision, Richard Nairn, who commits himself to a long term renovation of this historic building. Renovations are often polished facades with a generous measure of bodging behind what is seen. Not so with Richard, we see edge to edge perfection in all his stonework. We see solid oak beams between floors which are 9 inches square in section. 20 years on with 10 years to go I have witnessed perfection in workmanship.

An Impeccable job by a man who has chosen Impeckable Swift Colony nest boxes to adorn his castle. We are very touched that he did so and so pleased that we decided to deliver them personally and promptly so that he could welcome the Swifts back. Our customers choose the colours which best blend in with their properties.