Starling Colony Nesting Box

starling nest box


The Starling (Sturnus Vulgaris) has suffered a 50% reduction in their numbers over the last 25 years

and here is our new Colony Nest box with four apartments which will be so helpful to the individual.

Who wants to help them? They are now on the Red List so action is needed. Starlings tend to prefer

high nest sites on trees but more usually buildings, even high rises. Our usual concave rear of nest -

box is perfect for securing against a tree trunk. It also fits square on to a wall and we also make them in various colours (IE brick red, or beige for stone buildings, or off white) to blend in with the

host property. Our usual hardwood entrance hole ring is fitted as standard to each apartment with a

45-millimetre entrance diameter. Fix the nest box at least 3 to 5 meters from the ground or higher.

Starling usually rear two broods per season and leave a mess, so clean out after September. They

will use the same nest site every year. Being a very gregarious species more nest boxes can be placed nearby as demanded.

We guarantee this quality nest box for 25 years and it costs £120 plus carriage. They never rot as wood does so the economic sense is plain to see.