pavillionfeederManufactured in two sizes, large for gardens with plenty of space and small for back yards with limited space.
The GRP canopy is impervious to rain and will NEVER rot. We use only hardwood dowels and plywood for the pavilion and Trihedral feeding trays. When treated every other year with wood preservative they last for many years (11 years and still perfect, see photo).
Each dowel is 44mm apart and permits entry to small birds only. STARLING size and under.

The bully-boys have to look on in envy! JACKDAWS, ROOKS, MAGPIES & WOODPECKERS simply cannot get at the food.

The three food trays are fixed into position on location pins. Two of the 24 dowels can be moved up and down allowing the trap to be removed from the Pavilion for refilling.
The food is kept dry at all times and through all weathers so there is no wastage from rot. However, the greatest of all advantages these Pavilion Feeders offer is protection of the small birds AS THEY FEED INSIDE THE PAVILLION! ALL other hanging bird feeders are a small bird – human provided – trap, because they are exposed OUTSIDE those birdfeeders like sitting targets for the master of surprise attack, the SPARROW HAWK! Both the SPARROW HAWK and the KESTRAL soon get to know which gardens have bird feeders and the become regular visitors in the full knowledge that small birds will be exposed, stationary prey.

They don’t tell you that in garden centres where they sell these cheap traps. As I have sat watching the birds feed outside my window, over 11 years, I have witnessed many SPARROW HAWK hit and run attacks on my Pavilion feeder.

On NO occasion did the HAWK get a hit, only the run. In this life you only get what you pay for, an investment into one of our Pavilion Bird Feeders gives you all the advantages listed here especially the protection of the birds which we are responsible for if we attract them to our gardens with food, but also they make economic sense - they last for years.

For the real connoisseur our Pavilion Feeders offer another great advantage, for the modern photographer perhaps a unique one. The underside of our canopies remain bone dry at all times and in all weathers. The ideal conditions for a remote camera. Imagine, close up of the birds, even rare birds.
We offer 3 methods of fixture for our Pavilion Feeders:

1. Rope and pulley over a tree branch

2. A very robust stainless steel wall bracket

3. A stainless steel tubular garden post set in concrete giving five foot (?meters) clearance above the ground to deter cats.