Birds in Decline

Bird decline graphicAre you concerned about the declining population of our natural birds in North Wales?

THE PROBLEM  The British Trust for Ornithology have, through their Nest Record Scheme, accurately determined bird population trends in England, Scotland, Wales and the whole of the Emerald Isle since 1939. Many species have had declining numbers but none more so than our humble House and Tree Sparrows and Starlings which have shrunk by over 50% in 25 years and are now Red Listed as an endangered species. Sad to think that as recently as 20 years ago some people referred to these little birds as a pest.

(the graphic was taken from the Guardian and credited to Giulio Frigieri)

THE RESPONSIBILITY We, ourselves, are largely to blame for the decline. By spraying herbicides and pesticides on the crops and plants that the birds depend on for food, until the 1970's this was common practice. A cock-up by the scientists once again. Our human population expansion has also meant a building expansion in parallel in the urban areas with associated roads and infrastructure all resulting in the reduction of the birds' natural habitat. Modern houses provide no nesting cavities for the small birds, nor do the immature trees. 

large nest boxTHE SOLUTION A nest-box installed on a tree or even onto the wall of your house will provide an INSTANT and long-term boost for our Great Tit, Blue Tit,

Sparrow and Starling populations. Arguably, the case for providing nest-boxes in and around our gardens has never been greater. The sight of young birds fledging from a nest-box is a real boost to the human spirit and educational for your children and grandchildren. A good example for them as they grow up. Secondly we need to feed the smaller birds in our back yards and gardens. The bigger Bully Boys, Rooks and Magpies, are in no danger of extinction! Our pavilion Bird feeders are the best that money can buy, of the very highest quality. Made in Brymbo. The domes are of FIBREGLASS with a lifetime guarantee, and only hardwood is used for the dowels, frame and seed trays. Delivery and installation is FREE!

We have designed a range of FIBRE-GLASS nest-boxes for all sizes of birds. They do not rot like box3wooden nest-boxes and they are guaranteed for a lifetime. Prices range from £15 for the small WREN nest-box up to £80 for the very large TAWNY OWL nest box. 

For experienced guidance about nest-box positioning and installation heights, telephone Len on 07554385878.

To inspect our nest-boxes and bird feeders feel free to visit our workshop on Harwd Road, Brymbo or see us at the many shows we attend. You may order on line or by phone.